Mrs. Lilliane K Kikoba

I met my boyfriend now my husband Mr. Samuel Kikoba in Kyebanda through a mutual friend during my senior six vacations in December 2007. He was a young fine man very intelligent and ambitious.

Who Is Lilliane Kemigisha?

I was born on 8th July 1986 to Mr. Bekunda Bariperi Claver Francis and Ms. Pulkeria Nsekanabo Adyeeri in Munteme Hoima District. I was born in a family of nine children on my mother’s side am the second last born. We are a family of five girls and four boys but one of the girls passed on. On my father’s side, am the first born of five girls. I was born a catholic but converted into born again Christian and baptized by emersion of water. My husband and I run a company called Samiane Ltd.


Legal Consultant at Samiane Company Limited. Currently working at Top Media Consortium as the Human Resource and Administration Manager, ensuring smooth day to day company activities.