A Rainbow Baby Girl

At 00:20am on Tuesday the 13th day of July 2017 in Mulago Hospital Private ward ( Kawempe ) due to renovation taking place in Mulago), during that rush hour around 20 minutes after midnight, a rainbow baby girl ELSA CLEOPATRA NANYONGA KIKOBA was born weighing 3.8kgs to Mr. Samuel Kikoba & Mrs. Lilliane Kemigisha Kikoba of Nabweru south zone II Wakiso District.

Thank God it was a natural birth ( normal Delivery )! Mr. Samuel Kikoba was called in minutes after and held the baby for the first time and just like any other father, he immediately laid hands on her and offered several prayers dedicating her into the blood of Jesus Christ.

When Papa was done praying, and when all the stitching process was complete, the mid wife hand the baby back to the mother to offer colostrum ( first breast milk ) to the beautiful angel. Wednesday morning, numerous family and friends visited showering the mother and the new born baby blessed with gifts. On Thursday 15th, we were discharged from the hospital. Elsa Cleopatra Nanyonga Kikoba as she prefers to call herself has grown into a fine toddler full of wisdom and intelligence. She is very inquisitive, loving, caring, helpful and loves Jesus…she loves to play, pray, sing and dance church Sunday school songs with her sister Yvette Nabagereka. She is indeed a miracle baby basing of her words of wisdom, her relationship with God which is a surprise to many people she meets and talks to.

She started baby class on the 3rd February 2020 at Little Stars Nursery School Nansana. She is the most active child in her class according to her Teachers, Tr. Maria and Tr. Sarah. At two and seven months, she can write 1- 5, a, b, c and d. She can also copy her name Elsa and trace Cleopatra.


Shading, tracing, singing, praying, dancing, playing games on phone and writing.

On 8th July 2018 coincidentally her mother’s birthday, Elsa was baptized and dedicated to God by Reverend Canon George William Mugula at St. Luke Church of Uganda Nabweru. On the same day, her 1st birthday was celebrated four days in advance. The event held in Nabweru at her paternal grandmother’s home attracted a number of her parents’ relatives, work colleagues and friends. It was a memorable day full of thanksgiving, dancing to the Lord and speeches of well-wishers.

Her 2nd birthday on 13th July 2019 was a family and friends affair celebrated at her parents’ home in Nabweru. She cut the cake with her dad and friends, served herself first then served the rest of the attendees with her signature vigor of excitement. She made sure everyone knew it was her birthday a day of celebration.